Sometimes, changing one small habit can make a big difference!



If you’ve ever tried to make a change in your life on your own, you’ll know how hard it can be.

Perhaps you’ve started a new habit with great excitement

only to see it fade away after a few days or weeks – leaving you feeling even more frustrated.


That’s no surprise to me because the way we typically approach change just doesn’t work.


I went from being a high school drop out, an out of shape sugar junkie who could barely survive a 3 km jog, wishing I could travel the world to now crossing the finish line of marathons and triathlons, no longer having refined sugar in my diet, having a few degrees and having visited more than 80 countries. It did not happen overnight. I tried many different approaches but eventually, after a great deal of research and experimenting, I figured out that there are a few key processes, attitudes, knowledge and understanding that make creating successful habits a repeatable process. I quickly came to understand that if you change your habits, you change your life

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