I went from being a high school drop out, an out of shape sugar junkie who could barely survive a 3 km jog, wishing I could travel the world to now crossing the finish line of marathons and even a triathlon, no longer having refined sugar in my diet, having a few degrees and having visited more than 80 countries. It did not happen overnight. I tried many different approaches but eventually, after a great deal of research and experimenting, I figured out that there are a few key processes, attitudes, knowledge and understanding that make creating successful habits a repeatable process. I quickly came to understand that if you change your habits, you change your life

I am a firm believer in the idea that every person is inherently good and that everyone's potential is nearly limitless. I also believe that anchoring positive change in one's life can be more easily achieved when the proper insights, guidance and techniques are readily available. Though, through observation and through personal experiences, I am fully aware of the difficulties inherent in change. The quick fix mentality that hypnotizes many often fails to deliver permanency when it comes to results. Consequently, an approach that requires complete self-honesty is required if one is to make any form of significant progress. Now I want to show you everything I used so that you can use it in your own life!


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