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Courses are a great way to gain insights into our inner world. Exposing ourselves to information can trigger awareness of things that need to be looked at as well as things that need to be celebrated. The Change Experiment provides you with the possibility to journey through various important topics that can have a positive effect on your life if embraced and understood. Each course is carefully put together to offer you the most important information that can empower you to make the change you desire to create in your life. All courses are presented in video format and are accompanied by a workbook that allows you to get the most. For a detailed description of each course / topic, click on 'Read More' button of the course(s) of your choice below.

Addiction 2.jpg
Down The Rabbit Hole of Addiction
It is fair to say that most people are now addicted in one form or another. Traditional ways of perceiving addiction are now being redefined to include a multitude of ways one becomes addicted - alcohol, food, relationships, technology, money and drugs.
Anxiety and depression.jpg
Anxiety and Depression
What if you were to discover that anxiety and depression are normal mental, emotional and/or bodily reactions. Perhaps understanding why these occur rather than wanting to push them away may be a more holistic way to journeying back to a state of balance and health.
clarity 3.jpg
Journey to Clarity
Most people live a life by default, wishing they had more control over their own creation. A life of default rests on failure to have clarity. Clarity is a necessity for anyone who wishes to experience a life of centredness and purpose. Isn't it time to really know what you want?
Habit small.png
Transformational Power of Habits
Humans are creatures of habits. These make life much easier to navigate. But sometimes, your habits hinder more than help you on your journey.  Choosing to change negative and destructive habits can make the difference in creating the life that you deeply desire.
who am I 3.jpg
Who am I?
The age-old question posed by humans may never be truly answered but gaining more insights into an answer is possible. Expand your awareness by exploring your self-definition beyond the social constraints programmed into you.
Relationship 2.jpg
Relationships Redefined
Relationships are the perfect mirror for self-exploration. Our difficulties in accepting our own shadow self causes us to project onto others what we hide from ourselves. Understanding your relationship from that angle can make a big difference.
Resonance 3.jpg
Centredness Through Resonance
Resonance is another way to mean that you are in sync with yourself and your environment. Our current reality is deeply out of resonance, resulting in suffering and destruction. Find ways to leave dissonance behind and cultivate resonance within you.
resonance 2.jpg
Embracing Radical Acceptance
To truly embrace all aspects of one's life has the power to jump start you on a different path, one that is open to all the things you desired but blocked because of a self-narrative based on non-acceptance. The choice is always ours to accept or not.
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