The 30-Day Change Experiment

Change your habits and you’ll change your life!


What is it you’d really like to change in your life?


If you’ve ever tried to make a change in your life on your own, you’ll know how hard it can be.

Perhaps you’ve started a new habit with great excitement

only to see it fade away after a few days or weeks – leaving you feeling even more frustrated.


That’s no surprise to me because the way we typically approach change just doesn’t work.





The latest research shows what really works in making a change.

I’ve taken this and created The FREE 30-Day Change Experiment.

Choose the area you want to work on and join me to make a real change – and have fun doing it!

I tried to change myself for years without any luck.

That is until I started to understand the science to change. I went from being a high school drop out, an out of shape sugar junkie who could barely survive a 3 km jog, wishing I could travel the world to now crossing the finish line of marathons and even a triathlon, no longer having refined sugar in my diet, having a few degrees and having visited more than 80 countries. It did not happen overnight. I tried many different approaches but eventually, after a great deal of research and experimenting, I figured out that there are a few key processes, attitudes, knowledge and understanding that make creating successful habits a repeatable process. I quickly came to understand that if you change your habits, you change your life

Now I want to show you everything I used

so that you can use it in your own life!


If you failed to change a habit in the past, this is probably why!


Science has managed to quantify how we experience the world. 95% of what we do is done unconsciously, running programs from our subconscious mind while only 5% is done consciously.

That 5% is where the magic of transformation resides.

What we do in The 30-Day Change Experiment is to work with the 5% you can access

to influence the 95% you can’t – and that means you can change

those sticky habits and behaviors that have the most impact.


When you understand the power of focused intention,

you can bring yourself into a place where clarity about what you truly want

is available to start the change process.

I’ve designed The 30-Day Change Experiment to fully engage your attention

in your change process rather than have you play programmed behaviors

that sit in your subconscious.



“But I’ve tried to change this before!”


I hear you! Trying to create change by oneself can be difficult because we easily get lost in our subconscious behaviors. This often leads to failed attempts at creating change.

But your previous failures do not have to define who you are.

The 30-Day Change Experiment will show you why the usual methods of change don’t work

and how to overcome them in 30 days.

Isn’t time to get off autopilot?


When you join the program, you will be guided through a process that will allow you to:

Identify the habit you most want to change first

Create a top-notch plan of action to set a direction and get feedback – both of which are essential to build confidence

Override your possibly destructive subconscious program about failure and upgrade your understanding of failure so that it works in your favor

Have fun carrying out your habit creating experiment while being supported

What comes with The 30-Day Change Experiment?

Pre-program package to give you a head start and to get the most out of the 30 days

Daily guidance that is delivered right into your mailbox

Worksheets that make it easier to complete tasks and reflections

Videos and articles to further support your journey

Three live Facebook group calls to answer any of your questions

And more ...

Valued at $499, The 30-Day Change Experiment is yours for



Next experiment starts on Monday, January 7th, 2019

Why free you ask?  I may eventually charge for this program but today,

I want to give you an opportunity to join this newly updated version of The 30-Day Change Experiment.

This way, I can prove that my methods work and anyone who wants to share their success can do so.


So, are you ready to finally change?

Are you ready to claim the dormant power that sits inside you?

Are you ready to understand how to reprogram your subconscious behavior

in ways that support you living an extraordinary life?

Are you ready to stop surviving and start thriving?

P.S. Make it more fun by inviting your friends to join!

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