Change ExperiencED Program

What’s next for you?
Whether you’ve tackled one of your habits successfully on The 30-Day Change Experiment or you didn’t quite get the results you wanted, the good news is
there’s an even more powerful experience available for you now.
Imagine yourself 90 days in the future.
At that point, you would have

  • Stopped feeling stuck, overwhelmed or unsure by having gained more clarity about your habits and your life direction than you’ve had in years;

  • Left procrastination sitting alone on the sofa and gone ahead to execute a plan that was designed to allow you to achieve maximum success in creating your desired behavioral and life changes in areas that really matter to you;

  • Understood and changed your environment’s overpowering reality to call the shots by having assessed and upgraded your environment so that you get to call the shots;

  • Gone from reactive and automatic behaviors to a more conscious, proactive approach to life;

  • Stop the nail biting and hair pulling tricks by having learned to be more comfortable with uncertainty;

  • And so much more.


The 30-Day Change Experiment taught you how to change one habit by giving you a theoretical foundation as well as a practical experience.
You’ve seen the potential that this work can have.
Now, you’re ready to tackle something important by creating a big impact and
really move things forward in one or more areas of your life,
whether it be in your relationships, finance, health or your career.

So, here’s something for you!
Let’s get to the next level with the

Change ExperiencED Program


You see, sometimes the way to beat procrastination is to have a real person on your case – something referred to as ‘tough love’!
Crippling habits of perfectionism may require you to have somebody else say that it is good enough.
Realizing how it is in your best interest to move on from your current job or relationships may be easier when someone points out objective arguments.
Starting a fitness routine is more manageable when someone is there to support and celebrate your small wins.
It’s all much easier when someone is there to offer insight, guidance, accountability and encouragement. So…

Here’s the deal!


The normal fee for the Changed ExperiencED Program is US$ 1495. But for you as a graduate of The 30-Day Change Experiment, for a limited time only, a reduced fee is offered in this email. Here’s what you get:

  • Initial onboarding session to have an honest conversation to see whether you and I can work well together. This session is meant to discuss what your direction, aspirations and goals are and discuss how I can help you get there.

  • 6 bi-monthly one-on-one hourly sessions over a period of 90 days. During sessions, we follow your carefully created plan where we assess your progress and discuss what hinders your momentum and find solutions for breakthroughs to happen. By the end of each session, the goal is to make sure that you have experienced some sort of concrete progress, leading to your desired outcomes.

  • Pre-onboarding session and pre-regular session questionnaires to make the most of each call.

  • Recording of all LIVE coaching sessions.

  • Weekly accountability online form.

  • And so much more …

Valued at US$ 1495
Now, only US$ 895
A 40% savings
But there is more!
















Satisfaction guaranteed – if you are not fully satisfied after the first 30 days of the

Change ExperiencED Program, your money will be fully refunded – no questions asked.


But you need to act soon because this offer expires in 10 days,

Friday, February 15th, 2019.




 For the longest time, I struggled with excess weight. I tried every diet but failed to achieve permanent results. It is by working with Michel that I came to fully understand my underlying problem: guilt. No matter how much dieting I did, guilt remained in place which meant I had never dealt with the root cause of my problem.  Letting go of the guilt also meant letting go of the excess weight – finally!  - Aline, Quebec


…rather than tell us about the importance of environment, Michel decided to SHOW us how environment has a major effect on every aspect of our lives. He transformed our living space from a chaotic, disorganized and crowded space to an organized, functional and serene space. The effect of experiencing this shift was so powerful that it lifted us out of our depressed state.  -  Heather, Toronto

Procrastination is a big problem for me. Working with Michel has allowed me to see and understand patterns of behavior that sabotage my business efforts. After a session with Michel, I always feel more confident in taking the next step in the growth of my business. He is very perceptive when it comes to seeing self-sabotage habits that I seem unable to see for myself.   -  Mark, Australia


Are you ready to tackle things in depth and get big results, quickly?




Remember, if you are not fully satisfied after the first 30 days of the Change ExperiencED Program, your money will be fully refunded – no questions asked.

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